6 Ways To Plan A Wedding During Lockdown

While our country, like many others, is facing a lockdown and it feels as if everything has come to a standstill, we continue planning for the future. #Loveisnotcancelled and we advise couples to use this time wisely and plan for their future celebration. Here are 6 ways to plan a wedding during lockdown:

Check In With Your Bridal Party

This is the perfect excuse to have a virtual get together with your bridal party bests. Gather the snacks, drinks and moodboards for a bridal bonding experience. Use this time to brainstorm ideas, look for the perfect bridal party outfits and just to unwind and have a good time.

There are many options available for virtual hangouts, but be sure to make use of one with a screen sharing option. After all, there is work to be done!

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Notify Your Guests

After chatting to your partner and service providers about the way forward, notify your guests that your wedding is being postponed. Get creative by making a fun postponement video, update your website or send out these cute cards.

Now, particularly, is a good time to re-look your guest list. Don’t feel bad if you need to eliminate a few names – remember, more guests means a bigger wedding budget!

Chat To A Planner

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during this time. Not only is wedding planning stressful, but when combined with a pandemic, it gets a whole lot more complicated. Most wedding and event planners are offering free virtual consultations to couples during this time. If you’re feeling unsure, reach out to a planner who will offer you invaluable advice.

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Revise Your Budget

For many, the financial pressure we’re currently facing is overwhelming. Take this time to relook your wedding budget and prioritize the things that matter most. If you’re needing to scale down, that’s okay and if you need to postpone and plan on an even stricter budget, that’s okay too.

Work On Your Gift Registry

An exciting task that could easily become tedious. Use this time to plan an epic gift registry – remember, you can also donate your ‘gifts’ to a worthy cause instead.

Whether you decide to go the gift route and kit out your new home or ask for contributions towards your honeymoon fund, now’s the perfect time to start working on your registry.

honeymoon fund box at wedding packed travel suitcase kitchen equipment

Seek Inspiration

What better time to update all those Pinterest boards than right now? Work out with your partner as to what direction your wedding is heading in terms of decor, style and theme. Plan your wedding down to a tee with the help of inspiration boards and advice articles. Remember to celebrate and enjoy every step of this journey!

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