8 Ways to Celebrate your Original Wedding Date

With so many of you looking forward to a new date after having to postpone your wedding, you may be looking for ways to celebrate your original wedding date. It’s important not to let the day pass by without finding a special way to celebrate. We are sharing a few creative ways to celebrate your original wedding date:

Exchange vows

You may not have originally been planning to write vows, but it is a way to bring about some of the emotions that you feel for your partner. You can think of it as practice for the big day. If vows aren’t for you, you could also exchange a love letter (channel your inner Noah Calhoun and Allie)

Couple kissing in lounge couple dancing in the kitchen

Host a Ceremony at Home

Is waiting any longer not for you? Even if you’ve decided to postpone your original wedding celebration, you can still consider an at home elopement if you have your marriage license (or can get it before your date!) and have an officiant willing to host at home. Contact a reliable planner so that you don’t have to stress about a thing on your special day, even a small celebration because in times like these, love will prevail.

Virtual Celebration

You might not be able to see and celebrate with your guests in person, but you can celebrate virtually. Send your nearest and dearest the details of when you’ll be saying your ‘I do’s’ and let them log in to celebrate with you. Be sure to have your favourite bubbly on hand and toast to your nuptials!

Blonde bride popping champagne Couple holding hands and smiling

Dinner for Two

Support local businesses by ordering your favourite takeout and planning a date night on your original wedding date. Make it extra special by popping a bottle of your favourite champagne, or opening that bottle of wine you were keeping for a special occasion. Get dressed up, it’ll make your day feel much more meaningful. Why not dress up your outfit by wearing your veil, or a wedding accessory you would have worn on your big day.

Pro Tip: This one is for the grooms… why not order a bouquet of flowers for your partner with flowers that she would have had in her wedding bouquet! Postponing may mean that she will have to change her flowers because of the season.

Order your Cake and Eat it Too

Remember that orange and almond flavored cake you’ve been waiting for months to eat? Why not satisfy your craving now instead of waiting even longer? Call your local bakery and order a smaller version of your cake for you and your partner to share. Indulging in the sweet treat will be the icing on top of your special celebration.

Picnic basket in the garden mini cake

Home Photo Shoot

Mark the occasion and celebrate with a home photo shoot. Get dressed up and chat to your photographer about doing a mini-session with you and your fiance. If you don’t want your photographer to come to your house, chat to them about a shoot via FaceTime or another app. There are so many options and you’ll want to remember how you took back your wedding date. 

Plant a Tree

Want something unique and ethical to do? Why not plant a tree. It’ll be a special way to remember your day and celebrate it for years to come.

Do your First Dance

Move all the furniture aside and practice your first dance in your living room or kitchen. Light candles for a romantic ambiance and savour the private moment. Dancing will not only relieve any stress, but it’ll also take your mind off everything else! So, dress up and dance the night away!

So, while you may not be able to get married on your original wedding date, remember that you’re not alone and you will get married with a magnificent celebration at a later date.

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