9 Steps To Planning An Engagement Party

That bling on your finger signals the start of many exciting adventures to come! So, why not kickstart your journey with an epic pre-wedding bash? Here’s everything you need to know about planning the best engagement party:

Who’s Hosting?

Traditionally the bride’s parents would host the engagement party on behalf of the soon-to-wed couple. However, if you’re wanting to throw your own bash, by all means! There are no set rules as to who needs to do what, as long as everything aligns with the couple’s wishes. Remember, you don’t even have to throw a formal bash – an intimate garden party would be just as fabulous!

Timing Is Key

Generally an engagement party should take place within the first three months of being engaged. With this said, we also advise not to jump straight into planning your big soiree, but rather to first take time out to enjoy being engaged to your soon-to-be life partner. Give yourselves at least a week or two to absorb the fact that you’re officially engaged! However, nothing is stopping you from an impromptu get together with your closest friends and relatives and popping open a bottle of bubbly or three!


This is the perfect time to work on your number crunching skills – good practice for the wedding, we think! Whilst planning your engagement party, remember that although this is a very exciting time, your actual wedding still needs to happen and is bound to cost a pretty penny. Our advice? Don’t go too crazy on planning an extravagant engagement party, unless you can really afford to do so. Keep in mind that deciding on a budget will help you determine the type and size of engagement party you’re about to plan.

Choose A Venue

Always to stay true to yourself. Choose a venue that works with your desired date, and of course, one that reflects your personal style.  Restaurants are a popular choice for engagement parties, however, your options are pretty much endless. From hotels to rooftop bars, art galleries and more, you can be as creative as you’d like.

lounge pockets for an engagement party newly engaged couple sitting on a couch outdoor engagement party

Who’s invited?

The most important rule is to remember that you should only invite guests to your engagement party if you’re inviting them to your wedding. You wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and kick-start your new life with a few feuds on hand. Keep in mind, the more guests, the higher your costs will be.

Hire a professional

Sometimes the planning process could simply be too overwhelming for our hectic lives and schedules. Save yourself the time and stress by hiring a professional who could potentially offer you a discount if you book them for your engagement party and wedding. We also recommend hiring a professional photographer; this is after all an occasion to celebrate your new life together.

What About Gifts?

Gifts should not be expected at an engagement party as you will most likely be receiving gifts for your kitchen tea, bachelorette party as well as the wedding. With that said, no one really likes attending a party empty handed. We suggest perhaps starting an online gift registry, which includes small, affordable items. Whatever you decide to do, remember to add this information to your invitations.

Guest Entertainment

There’s nothing more elegant than walking into your engagement party and being whisked away by your favourite song. To add an element of sophistication, hire a soulful singer or band to add that special touch.

If you’re wanting to add in a fun element, everyone loves a photobooth or caricaturist and of course, who could possibly say no to a self-service DIY G&T bar!

What to wear?

This is the perfect dress rehearsal for your big day! Ultimately, your engagement party is all about you and your partner, so be sure to stand out from the crowd – there’s nothing wrong with advising guests on what to wear either. Whether you want an all white party, or you want to be the only one in white, be sure to let your guests know. Choose attire that’s appropriate to your venue and remember to compliment your partner well.

Now that you’re all clued up on how to go about planning an engagement party, go out there and celebrate your love to your special person and cherish these special moments for the rest of your lives!

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