Grooms: 4 Ways to Help your Bride Plan your Wedding

Many grooms express feeling at a loss for what to do to help their bride-to-be plan the wedding. We know planning can be overwhelming, particularly with the uncertainty of Covid-19, so here are some of our tips for grooms to help your bride plan your wedding:

Preparation is key

I don’t think anything stresses a bride-to-be out quite like a groom who does things at the last minute. From choosing your groomsmen, doing your tux fitting, to rounding up your family guest list on your side, being as prepared as you can with basic responsibilities will make a huge difference.

Tip – once you have chosen your groomsmen, you’ll want to purchase a gift for them – don’t let your bride be the one to have to take on this task! Try a pre-packaged box from ONE Boutique or even these fun custom boxers from The Wedding Store.

Bride holding groom

Get Involved

If you don’t want to be there for all the decisions then help your bride-to-be with the bigger decisions like choosing a venue, chat through the budget and how much each of you are willing to spend,  and think of the entertainment that you both enjoy, or even hire a professional to take the weight off your shoulders.

Be Patient

I think almost every bride-to-be can admit there are times when they are going to be a bit of a bridezilla! Planning a wedding comes with a lot of decision making and thoughtful planning, on top of a career, it can be a lot. That said, I think everyone planning a wedding deserves at least one free pass! If she seems too tired to cook dinner, why not offer to take over or order some takeout? Better yet, why not volunteer to be the one to answer the questions about attire or accommodation and let her relax for a day.

Man cooking for fiance Couple relaxing on the bed

Positive Attitude

This one is simple, but so important. Grooms – you may have to do things that you absolutely do not want to do as you wedding plan. Seating chart planning, dance lessons, food and cake tastings (okay, who am I kidding? This one is great!). Most importantly, posing for tons of photos without getting annoyed. Try and have some fun with it! Who knows, you may just have the best time. It will be meaningful to you both as you get to look back on your special day.

Wedding cake tasting Groom and groomsmen having fun

So, there you have it – some of our ways any groom-to-be can help your bride wedding plan! Even with all the stress of wedding planning, it’ll be over before you know it so enjoy the process and cherish the special moments.

Ultimately, you’re just as much a part of the wedding as your bride-to-be is! So, we hope the ways to help your bride plan your wedding were helpful.

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