How To Deal With Wedding Planning Anxiety

Wedding planning anxiety is a real thing, and it’s totally okay to admit to it. Not everyone is born with a knack for planning and organizing, just as not everyone is a born engineer or lawyer. So, if you find yourself too overwhelmed with the planning process, here are our top tips on how to deal with wedding planning anxiety:

Be Honest About Your Feelings

Anxiety is a part of life and it’s really okay to admit to feeling completely frazzled. Be open about your feelings and try finding the trigger to your anxiety. Is it the overall planning or is your wedding budget freaking you out? Whatever it may be, talk to your partner, friends and family and allow others to assist where possible. Do not try to do everything by yourself.

Remember, as wedding planners, we are here to lighten your load. We’re ready to walk this journey with you, embrace the highs and lows and make your wedding day as stress-free as possible.

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Stop Comparing

As the saying goes, “comparison is the thief of all joy”. Often we find ourselves comparing our lives to others – this needs to stop. Of course it’s easier said than done, but focus on yourself and what is true and important to you as a couple.

Weddings are not a competition, but a celebration of your unique love story.

Practice Self Care

Yes, you’ve got a wedding to plan, but you’ve also got yourself to take care of. Take a step back from all the wedding talk and planning and remember to simply breathe and enjoy the journey.

It’s easy to be consumed by planning the perfect day, but taking care of your mental health is more important. Remember to eat well, exercise, meditate and continue doing the things you love doing. Now is also the perfect time to book a romantic pre-wedding getaway with your better half!

 couple on beach

Don’t Fret The Small Things

Embrace the imperfections and this certainly applies to your wedding day, too. Nobody (and trust us, nobody), is going to know notice that your table runner isn’t the perfect shade of dusty pink as you’ve intended it to be. Your guests are there to celebrate your new lives as one and this should be your main focus, too.

Forget the tiny mishaps and enjoy your wedding day, as intended, with your closest friends and family!

Select A Dream Team

From your bridal party, to guests and wedding suppliers, make sure that whoever you’re allowing to be part of your special day, is there to contribute positively towards it. After all, this is your big day and you’re allowed to have the final say.

We hope you enjoyed the read and found our tips on how to deal with wedding anxiety useful. Enjoy the process and happy planning!

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