How To Plan A Minimalist Wedding

There’s no doubt in our minds that large installations and heaps of colour bring so much joy into our lives (and wedding pics, of course). But today, we’re going back to basics because sometimes, all we need is to hit the reset button and enjoy the simple things in life.  Here is our ultimate guide on how to plan a minimalist wedding.

Keep It Small

OTT has its place, but right here and now our focus is on modern and simplistic. Keep your wedding tribe as well as your guest list small. Whether you want a minimalist wedding to save on some cash (so that you can splurge on a honeymoon) or you’re simply embracing the theme, intimate is definitely the way to go.

intimate wedding ceremony intimate ceremony

The Venue

A blank canvas style wedding venue is the way to go. This type of venue will lend itself toward a modern and simplistic design, which will highlight your wedding theme in the best way possible. Some of our favourite options include Colourbox Studios, La Paris Estate and the forum | white light.

Set The Mood

Set the tone with bespoke wedding stationery as this will serve as a little teaser of what’s to come. Choosing an understated monochrome palette is anything but boring. If you’re wondering how your stationery will come to life, we suggest focusing on the design and packaging of your wedding stationery.

Contemporary elements such a modern brushstroke or calligraphy will bring the perfect balance of simplistic and romantic. For the ultimate luxurious finish, choose high quality paper or a clear acrylic stock or vellum.

simple wedding stationery terra-cotta wedding stationery

Uncomplicated Attire

Less is more and we’re totally obsessed with understated, yet impactful wedding attire. Choose wisely and steer clear of intricate detail; instead opt for simple, classic designs. However, when it comes to minimalistic attire, always choose high quality fabrics for a chic and luxe look.

Don’t be afraid to amplify your look with feature elements such as a beautiful bowed dress or a statement back, which will add a hint of sexiness.

Decor Details

When it comes to decor, we’ve got so many recommendation to share, but these are our top tips to keep top of mind:

For a luxurious addition, the classic cascading orchard is simply divine. If this is not your style, dry flowers and foliage is the perfect choice for a minimalist wedding. When it comes to tabletop flowers, loose organic arrangements or single stems is definitely at the top of our list.

When it comes to seating, choose ghost chairs as they’re modern and understated, yet they will certainly bring the wow factor.

The devil really is in the detail. Add dimension by creating height with candles, table stationery and centerpieces. Also don’t be afraid to add in a pop of colour here and there!

Texture is everything. From decor to florals, play with texture to add an element of depth and contrast. This will avoid a flat washed out look especially since minimalistic weddings usually lean towards a palette of beige, greys and whites.

So there you have it: our ultimate guide on how to plan a minimalist wedding. Happy planning, lovebirds!

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