Planning a kid-friendly wedding

Is your wedding for ‘adults only’ or ‘kid-friendly’? It can be a difficult decision, especially when you need to consider your budget too! If you are leaning toward a yes, then here are our tips for planning a kid-friendly wedding:

Make your decision

Before you even continue any planning, decide whether kids will be invited to your wedding and how many of your guests have children. You will need to know whether they will be coming for the ceremony and reception, their ages, allergies and all the important details. It’s important here to be clear on your invitation so guests with kids can be prepared before needing to RSVP.

Kids posing for wedding photo Flower girl and bride posing with dresses

Determine your goals

After chatting to your guests and determining the number of kids, look at your venue/s and work out if you have room to create a space for them. Knowing which season your wedding will be in will help you with your decision of the type of space and activities you are able to set up.

Generally, a reception around lunchtime would include an active kids area whereas late afternoon would favour something more creative and calming.

Pro Tip: You are looking for a quiet space away from exit points!

Age-appropriate seating

Whether it be on their parent’s lap, a kid-sized chair, or a rug set aside for them. It’ll make kids and their parents feel like you’ve thought of them and their comfort. Consider their ages when deciding on seating. If ever you are unsure, check in with your planner who will undoubtedly have advice for you on planning a kid-friendly wedding.

Teepee and Rug for kids corner Kids table at wedding

Children’s Menu

While many caterers offer kids meals at reduced prices, they are usually more suitable for children aged 4 and above. Shared platters are often better so kids can graze and play, it’ll also encourage those kids that are influenced by peer pressure eating. The parents will thank you!

Work with your caterer to create a simple kid-friendly menu that works with your budget.

Activities for Kids

Small children have short attention spans, so you will need to give them activities to do. Consider entertainment, away from the main area, during the ceremony or activities to keep kids occupied.

Create a wedding-related activity booklet with colouring sheets, fun and easy games to keep them busy during the reception. One of the best ways to ensure guests are happy and you are stress-free is childcare.

Hook the duck wedding activity Colouring page

Embrace it

Inviting kids to your wedding is a big decision, and it’s not something to be taken lightly. Kids can be unpredictable (and funny!) and you won’t be able to control everything. If you plan ahead it can be fun to let out your inner child with these tips to planning a kid-friendly wedding.

Roll with the punches and just be in the moment!

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