Should We Elope?

You’ve settled into the idea of being engaged, but now comes the time to actually start planning your wedding day. The thought of “Should we elope?” has crossed your mind countless times. Will your family be disappointed? How would your friends react? Is this the right decision for us?

Eloping is a massive decision, so we’re here to help you answer that ever-daunting question: Should we elope? Here are our reasons why an elopement might just be what your heart is after!

An Intimate Experience

Finally you are able to create the Pinterest board of your dreams, but let’s just pause for a second. A big traditional wedding is in fact, where you’ll be playing host to the biggest party of your life. A harsh reality, but unfortunately many couples aren’t able to absorb and experience the raw intimate moments a wedding should in fact be about, hence many choosing to elope instead.

A rewarding experience, an elopement could afford you the opportunity of complete intimacy and intent. Take a moment and visualize it…the only thing needing your undivided attention is your partner and the real reason you’re saying “I do” to this special person.

bride and groom kissing in forest same sex elopement

Less Stress

Yes, planning a wedding can be loads of fun, but it can also be hella daunting! If finding the perfect shade of green to suit the complexion of all your bridesmaids sound like a nightmare, then you’re at the right place. Say no to family drama, delegating of tasks and tedious decision-making and opt for an adventurous elopement instead. Make this planning process even easier by hiring a wedding planner. This will ensure that you get the best possible experience out of your elopement!

An Extended Honeymoon

This is the perfect opportunity for you to get married and have an extended honeymoon. Who could possibly say no to endless cocktails, island cruising or touring your favourite cities?! Kickstart your lives as newly-weds with an exciting, adventure-filled journey to places you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Cheers to love, laughter and adventure!

bridal couple on mountain top bride and groom sitting on the edge of a cliff couple kissing on an island

Epic Photos

Your wedding day is intended to be the experience of a lifetime. By eloping, be sure to capture all the amazing memories in the most beautiful location with your better half! Invest in a brilliant photographer who has experience in capturing elopements and let them be part of your most special day yet.

Did you know that South Africa, and more specifically Cape Town, is one the top elopement destinations in the world?! Choosing to elope in this remarkable country will allow you the most impeccable photo opportunities!

It’s Environmentally Friendly

You didn’t see this one coming, did you now? In fact, weddings are one of the highest contributors to environmental pollution. With tons of garbage being discarded incorrectly and plenty of food wastage, the average wedding produces between 180 – 270kgs of litter! We’re not saying that an elopement doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution, but it sure makes a massive difference.

However, should you decide on a traditional wedding, consider these environmentally friendly options.

bride and groom hugging wedding couple watching the sunset

BUT although we’re singing the praises of elopements, this definitely isn’t for everyone. If you’re wanting something a bit more formal, we suggest an intimate wedding celebration instead. Whatever you decide, there is no right or wrong decision. This is your day and remember to celebrate in the best way you know how!

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