How To Live Stream Your Wedding

live stream wedding

2020 has been a year of challenge and change and this rings true to the wedding industry as well. For many couples, having their friends and family witness their wedding day, without being physically present, seemed impossible. However, with the help of technology, no matter where you were in the world, you were able to […]

5 Destination Wedding Budget Tips to Consider

A destination wedding can be a fun and beautiful celebration. Whether you’ve decided on a Bali getaway, a Santorini island fete or even a stunning Safari wedding, we’ve got you covered with our 5 destination wedding budget tips to consider: It’s All About the Destination Choose a destination that has meaning to you. Whether it’s […]

How To Deal With Wedding Planning Anxiety

bride hugging mother

Wedding planning anxiety is a real thing, and it’s totally okay to admit to it. Not everyone is born with a knack for planning and organizing, just as not everyone is a born engineer or lawyer. So, if you find yourself too overwhelmed with the planning process, here are our top tips on how to […]

Reasons To Hire A Wedding Planner

Is a wedding planner really necessary? The short answer is “Yes, it’s one of the best investments you would ever make!” Trust us on this one, we’ve been brides and we know the importance of a planner. Still on the fence about whether you’re needing a planner or not? Here are our top reasons to hire […]