The complete same-sex wedding guide

Love. It’s often difficult to put into words. It is the sleepless nights while your partner is away, that flutter in your tummy when you’re together.  Love is all of this and so much more. Love is love. So, from tradition to creating your own dream, here is our complete same-sex wedding guide on making your wedding day truly yours:

The Proposal

It’s so easy for couples to get caught up in the idea of what they should do. There are no real rules when it comes to the proposal. Generally, the one that decides to buy the ring is the one that proposes. And, when it comes to the ring, it should be something that suits your style.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have a photographer to capture the special moment. It is something you will want to look back on!

Lesbian couple kissing after proposal Gay couple hugging


When planning your wedding, forget what you think weddings ‘should’ be. Planning your big day should be all about you – do it your way! You can both walk down the aisle together, or have someone ‘give’ you away. You can choose whether you have a bouquet, and who will throw it, or if you both want to do it together, so be it.

Forget gender roles. If you want a man of honour, or a best woman, or no bridal party at all then that’s your choice. It is your special day after all!

Choosing the right guests

You want to be sure you are inviting only the people you want to celebrate with at your wedding. Firstly, invite those who are most important to you. When creating your guest list, always keep your budget in mind. The more guests, the bigger the budget that you’ll need. You may also consider an intimate celebration which will allow you more time to celebrate with those you love most.

Lesbian couple popping champagne Lesbian couple eloping

Hire a Planner

If it’s within your budget, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner. Not only can planners help with finding same-sex friendly vendors, but they can make navigating all the planning that much easier. Wedding planners can save you both time, stress and money!

When searching for vendors and venues, we recommend making it clear from the beginning that you are a same-sex couple. If you have specific vendors you want to work with, approach them first. You want to be comfortable with the vendors you are working with and know that they have your best interests at heart!

What to wear

When it comes to what to wear, there are no rules! Whether you both want to wear a dress or none, this is completely up to you. Being comfortable is key to enjoying your day and looking fabulous.

Some couples choose to coordinate their attire. Whether it is a tie, the dress styles or even their suits. Like all couples, start shopping early!

Same sex couple kissing after pronouncement Two brides holding hands

There you have it, our complete guide to same-sex wedding planning. Getting married is undeniably an emotional affair, but being able to tie the knot with the one you want to share your life with after being denied the right to do so? That is a whole different kind of celebration.

In the end, we are all the same. Two people dedicating their lives to one another.

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