Throwing a Virtual Bridal Shower

Now more than ever, we are all looking for reasons to celebrate a happy occasion, and bridal showers definitely promise just that. It doesn’t matter whether the group has known each other for years or if some are just meeting. The bride-to-be may have had to postpone her wedding, so we think everyone will be happy to have a fun virtual bridal shower on their calendar to look forward to.

However, Lockdown even at Level 4 means there will need to be a few changes, but hosting a virtual bridal shower can still be equally as memorable and fun as an ordinary setup. The key to a beautiful time, even at a distance, is the same as what happens in person: create a plan.

So, whether you’re choosing to host via Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or another virtual program, we’re here to walk you through how to throw a virtual bridal shower:

Organize your Guest List

A guest list may seem like an obvious box to check, but since it’ll be hosted at home, you may want to increase the number of guests being invited. Kicking off the night with cocktails or a delicious glass of bubbly (we are totally here for this!) together is a great ice-breaker. This could also be the chance to re-invite those that said they originally couldn’t attend. Since we are all at home, I am sure they are looking for distractions!

virtual bridal shower invitation Miss to Mrs Balloon

Send The Invitations

Think about mailing the invitation to your guests, or create a quick website you can send via email including all details, especially the link to the virtual gathering program. Whichever option you choose, receiving an invitation will help to ensure the virtual bridal shower is still viewed as being just as special as the original plan.

Bride and Bridesmaids hugging Bride to be sitting on an ottoman


Currently gifting may present an issue, but some companies are still allowing you to purchase vouchers online or even gifts to be delivered. Make sure any gifts delivered are only opened when you’re all online together. Part of the fun of giving gifts to the bride-to-be is watching her open them!

P.S. Brides, if you were planning to gift your bridesmaids with something to wear for your bridal shower, send them to the bridesmaids and ask them to do the same thing.

Thank you gift Gift for bride

Choose your Theme

How you choose to spend your time together at a bridal shower is a key factor that can make it a success, and there are plenty of themes and activities you can do from home. Some ideas include:

  1. At Home Picnic – get a drink of your choice (even a tea), a mini charcuterie board and you’re good to go.
  2.  At Home Spa – Ask guests to gather their favourite products or create packages for each guest and courier it to them. Then spend part of the party doing face masks together!
  3.  Bridal Games – Create a fun quiz, even wedding related for the bride and just have a good time with it.

Often bridal showers can be exhausting and expensive, so use this time to support the bride and just have a girls night in!

  Woman cutting pads for eye mask Picnic at home

Create a Timeline

Just like a wedding, a virtual bridal shower should follow a general timeline. Start by determining your start and end times. Then add in cocktails, games, dinner, your experience and a catch up before ending the night. Be sure to add in some breaks between games so guests are able to step away if they need to.

Bridal bingo game Grapefruit cocktail

So, it is safe to say we are all ready to get together in person. But, the key to hosting a virtual bridal shower is embracing it! We promise you will feel such joy seeing each face pop onto the screen.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget a cute little thank you gift for your guests, like some of these. If you would like some help or even a bit of advice, contact your planner.

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