Tips to Planning your Backyard Wedding

Are you looking for an intimate and personal setting for your wedding day? A backyard wedding has a uniquely sentimental feel to your big day. Planning your backyard wedding has never been easier – have a read through our tips for everything you will need.

Assess Your Space

Planning a backyard wedding may sound simple, but there are a few logistical items you will need to tick off to make sure your day runs smoothly. Consider hiring a reliable coordinator who will handle all the planning on your behalf. Start off by measuring the garden area to ensure you have enough space for all the guests you want to invite. Keep in mind, you will need space for your ceremony and tables and chairs if you are doing a sit-down meal for your reception. 

Pro Tip: Ask your vendors to come out to have a look at the space too, they will be able to provide recommendations on their needs.

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Start Your Planning & Preparation

Ideally you should begin landscape work at least 6 months prior to your wedding day. Take note of how the garden looks at the time of year you’re planning for. There are always those plants looking a little worse for wear and they may need to be hidden. Between the sound system, lighting and the equipment needed for the food prep, your house will be using a lot more power than it may be able to handle. Chat to your vendors about their needs and get a backup generator that will suit your needs.

As much as you don’t want to think about anything happening, it is always best to be prepared. Chat to your insurance broker to ensure you are covered should anything happen at your house.  And, be sure to chat to the local officials to ensure you have any permits in place for hosting your wedding at home.


If you’re planning on sharing your day with more than 20 guests then you will need additional facilities. There are many options for upscale portable restroom trailers that provide a comfortable experience for your guests, including sinks, lighting and mirrors. You can even personalize the restrooms with small floral arrangements, breath fresheners, headache tablets and any other items you think guests may need.

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Notify your neighbours of your planning for your backyard wedding at least a month or two before your wedding day. This will give them plenty of time to rearrange any plans, plan a night away and even just plan ahead. Share as many details as possible, such as where guests will park and even a timeline of the day so they can manage their expectations.

People Power

Talk to your planner and caterer about how many staff you will need to ensure the smooth running of your special day. This is for your all your basics like the setting up, cooking, serving and serviced bar. Even if you want to plan the day yourself, consider an on-the-day coordinator to do the set up and take down which will allow you a stress-free day.

Pro Tip: Hire a clean up crew. It’ll be the best decision you ever make!

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Run through the plan of your day from start to finish to make sure you have everything you will need. We strongly recommend hiring a marquee or tent. It’ll protect you and your guests (and your tables) from any less than ideal weather and even too much wind. Also, do not forget that lighting is everything, it can create a beautiful atmosphere with your backyard wedding. Make sure you have enough glassware for toasts and drinks. Your bartenders will thank you!

Book your Photographer

A photographer is always high on our priorities when planning a wedding. This is one area you don’t want to cut costs. After all, these are memories you will keep in your family for years to come. Choose someone who will capture your day perfectly. Some of our favourite photographers are Coba Uys, Elana Van Zyl, Duane Smith and Dune Kahlau-Burger.

So, now that we have shared our tips for planning your backyard wedding we hope it’ll be a day you never forget! 

Remember to be in the moment and enjoy the journey!

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