Ultimate Guide to an Inner-City Wedding

We love a good Winelands wedding as much as the next person, but there is just something about a city wedding. Interesting architecture, vibrant culture and rooftop views – all making for incredible backdrops to your big day. So, if you’re on the fence about an inner-city wedding then this guide is for you:

Crunch Those Numbers

The budget sets the tone for your entire wedding. It’s important for you and your partner to sit down and discuss your budget before any other decisions are made. Factor in items like your attire, transport, venue, a wedding planner, photographer, food, flowers, wedding bands and your date. Winter weddings are not only beautiful with the moody tones, but they can also allow you to make big savings on other costs too.

We know it is not the most exciting part of planning a wedding, but being realistic here will go a long way in making your day everything you’d want it to be. It is helpful to prioritize and decide what matters most when planning your inner-city wedding.

Pro Tip: Deciding what is most important for your wedding will also help if you need to decide where to cut costs.

brunette bride looking into groom's eyes  bride and groom standing in city

Choose the Venue

From beautiful gardens to art galleries and rooftop venues, your options are endless! When choosing your venue make sure it aligns with your vision for the perfect wedding. We recommend visiting your venue at night to see that it is adequately equipped with good lighting and has that magical atmosphere.

Be sure to also consider the traffic and parking when selecting your venue. It’ll save you a lot of stress leading up to your big day!

Book your Photographer

One thing we will always recommend to our couples is to prioritize booking a good photographer. Choose someone who will capture all your special moments  perfectly and who is willing to be different and play! An inner-city wedding is edgier so you want someone that will make you shine as well as the city you love.

bride and groom kissing in city park groom standing behind bride holding her

Organizing that Guest List

When creating your guest list, always keep your budget in mind. Remember, the more guests you have, the bigger your budget. Prioritize your nearest and dearest and those that you just cannot imagine not celebrating with. Fewer guests mean you are able to have more meaningful interactions with your friends and family.

Think About your Ensemble

For this step, consider how your wedding outfit will fit in with the venue you have both decided on. Our wedding dress guide breaks down some good tips for planning. It is probably one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning process, who doesn’t like shopping?! Now is the chance to think outside the box and choose something you’ll be comfortable in and love!

You will also want to consider the details you want to compliment your wedding attire with, so think hair and makeup and your accessories.

Lesbian couple holding bouquets brunette bride wearing tiara looking over her shoulder

Pick your Vendors

Even if you decide to plan something more intimate, you’ll still need at least a couple of vendors. If you prefer taking control of all the planning and just need someone to tie everything together and support you on the day, then consider an on-the-day coordinator to give you both a stress-free day!

Don’t be afraid to ask your planner or venue for recommendations. Your day will run smoothly if vendors have all worked together before.

bride and groom walking in the city

So, now that we have shared our guide to an inner-city wedding, we hope you’ll have the day you’ve always wanted! Remember, it is your celebration.

Happy Planning!

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