Ultimate Guide to Groomsmen Attire

When it comes to wedding attire, we all know the bride steals the spotlight – it’s a given. But there is absolutely no reason why you and your groomsmen cannot be dressing to impress. Let’s be honest, clothing shopping can feel like a daunting task even for the most seasoned shopper. For that reason, we are sharing our ultimate guide to groomsmen attire:

To Rent or Not to Rent? That is the question.

Let’s talk about tuxedo vs suit. Tuxedos are typically rented instead of purchased since they can be a bit more pricey. And how many times will you honestly wear a tuxedo in your lifetime?! A suit is more reasonably priced and you will probably wear it again, but accessories to complete your wedding day look can add up. When selecting your groomsmen attire, consider the venue and the formality of your wedding day.

Groomsmen have many options for adding to the overall vibe of the day. Think fun extras like happy socks, trendy ties and even footwear.

Style Tip: Groomsmen attire should complement the bridesmaids to ensure the bridal party look is cohesive – especially in group photos.

 Groom and groomsmen having fun

Do Groomsmen have to Match?

It’s important that at the very least, groomsmen attire should all be in a similar colour palette. Imagine leaving all your guys to their own devices, you could end up with one in a tux, one in a grey suit and another wearing navy. To avoid a look that may clash, select the same style for everyone to buy or rent and set guidelines to keep things coordinated.

Budget – Who pays for Groomsmen Attire?

Traditionally, the wedding party pay for their own wedding day looks. But be up-front with the expected prices and let the gents be part of the process. If they are selecting their own (within guidelines) ask them to send a photo of their outfit a few months before the wedding, so that if anyone does need to buy something, they have time!

Pro Tip: Gift your groomsmen an item that will complement their look and create the matching throughline, be it a pocket square, pair of socks or even cufflinks. It’s a great way to keep your guys looking dapper while giving them something to remember the wedding day by.

Is Texture for You?

Is it time to move past the standard fabrics and add some texture and depth to the groomsmen attire? We think yes! Incorporating wool, tweed or even some velvet will do just this and add a unique addition to your overall look. If you aren’t sold on too much texture, then consider opting for a small touch, just a tie or vest or even a combination of the two.

Match your Groomsmen Attire with Shoes

Does your bow-tie have leather on it? Make sure the shoes match the shade of leather. Thinking of non-traditional footwear, such as boots or polished sneakers? Before making any final decision on shoes, try it on to make sure it all matches and the look is cohesive.


As soon as the style has been chosen, place your rental order or buy your suit ASAP to keep things running smooth and stress-free. They should be ordered no later than a couple of months before the wedding day.

Treat Yourself

The wedding day is not just about the bride, it’s about you too! In the end it all comes down to your personal style and comfort level. Because no matter what you wear, as long as you are confident, there really is nothing you couldn’t pull off.

Most importantly, trust your gut! So, find your best look and show up looking like the dapper men you are. And when in doubt, ask a professional for help. There’s never any shame in stepping up your style game.

Happy shopping!

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