Wedding Theme Ideas: Our Ultimate Guide

With so many wedding themes to choose from, we’re bursting with excitement to share our favourites! Not only will we be sharing them with you, but we’ll tell you exactly how to go about achieving the look you want. So, if you’re searching for wedding theme ideas, here is our ultimate guide!

White Wedding

Concept: A formal soiree, which is brought together by clean lines, sophisticated décor and luxurious finishes. A white wedding can go one of two ways – traditional and regal or modern and trendy.

Key Tips: It sounds pretty easy, but is it really? A white wedding can be uber glamorous or just down right tacky, if not executed well. If you want to avoid the latter (of course, you do), the devil really is in the detail – cliché, I know, but so important.

When it comes to décor, keep these points in mind

Texture is your best friend as it will add depth and avoid a washed out look

Flowers are key. For a bit of drama, a floral installation is definitely the way to go. If you’re looking for glam romance, think cascading orchids, beautiful tulips, peonies or hydrangeas. Alternatively, a trendy minimalistic approach definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

Add dimension to your décor and reception tables by playing with height through candles, table stationery and your centerpieces.

You are allowed to add some colour and pops of neutral will really tie your look together beautifully.

Venue ideas: A blank canvas venue, art studio or a garden marquee in a beautiful garden setting

bride holding a bouquet of white roses white wedding


Concept: A theme that focuses more on the location than the décor – a destination or elopement wedding, if you will. Synonymous with travel, spontaneity and nature, this truly is one of our ultimate favourites!

Key Tips: Again, it seems like a pretty easy concept to pull off, but it can get quite tricky. Generally, these style weddings seem to be quite laid back, but there’s still quite a bit of detail that needs to go into it. Keep in mind the following:

A wedding planner will help definitely help you find the perfect location with the best vendors possible and make sure all the nitty gritties are taken care of.

If you’re planning an elopement, do not and we repeat, do not forget to book a brilliant photographer. We always encourage couple to never skimp on a good photographer, as these are the memories you’ll be looking back on and sharing with your kids someday.

Don’t forget your wedding flowers! Décor can generally be kept to a minimal, but flowers always adds that something extra.

Venue Ideas: Well, anywhere you wish really. On a cliff, a city rooftop, a romantic island or your favourite travel destination.

Boho Chic

Concept: Something out of a storybook, a bohemian wedding tells the tale of two free-spirited individuals who embrace nature and uses our mother earth as inspiration.

Key Tips:

Your wedding style needs to be effortlessly glamourous. Beautiful braids in your hair, a beaded headpiece, flowy wedding gown and minimalistic makeup, which really accentuates your natural beauty.

As with most weddings, flowers play a key role. Opt for loose organic arrangements, wildflowers, potted plants and greenery.

Add some statement pieces like a stunning macramé arch, scatter cushions, mix-matched bridesmaids dresses in eclectic colours and some rattan furniture

Venue Ideas: A beautiful botanical garden, forest or the bushveld

Bohemian wedding couple bohemian wedding decor

Autumn Inspired

Concept: Rich tones, cool weather and gorgeous foliage makes for the most beautiful autumn inspired weddings.

Key Points:

When deciding on your colour palette, let the following inspire your thought process: burgundy, emerald, ochre, copper, burnt orange and plum.

Foliage and berries is the way to go. From your décor to your flowers, autumnal foliage and berries work cohesively to create a beautiful rustic, yet modern look.

Go big with your cake and really make it your statement piece! Autumnal inspired cakes are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Venue ideas: It’s pretty easy to turn just about any venue space into an autumn setting with the right décor, however a beautiful glass venue such as The Conservatory, Belair Pavilion and Bakenhof are some of our favorite options!

autumn inspired wedding cake

Modern Minimalist

Concept: Away with the clutter and frills. Simple, refined and elegant is the only way to describe a modern minimalist wedding. Less is definitely more!

Key Tips: A minimalist wedding can either be a work of art, or it could lean towards being bland and sparse. Here’s how you can avoid the latter:

Set the tone straight away with beautifully printed wedding stationery. A minimalist look is synonymous with luxury, so be sure to choose high-quality paper and luxurious finishes such as foiling, metallics or vellum.

Uncomplicated is the only way to go when it comes to wedding attire. Chic, simple and downright classy is what you should be after.

Be intentional with your decor. Minimalist is anything, but boring. Play with shapes, style and texture. Texture, especially, will bring visual interest and create a rather aesthetically appealing look.

Venue Ideas: Blank canvas venues, industrial buildings or clean contemporary spaces such as an art gallery.

minimalistic wedding decor minimalist wedding dress

Happy planning, lovebirds!


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